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Karaoke Music Tracks - Songs With Music Lyrics - Original crafted Songs /All songs written and composed by Neil Lemon


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Vocal Ready, Instrument Ready Music For You!


It is my pleasure to bring you my style of music for your entertainment. SCP (Song Craft Production) desires to provide to you a karaoke format where you get the music and lyrics and you can be the one to sing your vocals to the songs at events and gatherings you may have! 

SCP is open to artists who may want to record their own lyrics with the music tracks. The lyrics must be pre-approved by SCP as they must not be explicit and must adhere to SCP code of decency. SCP is restricting lyric applications that are political and religious or Gospel. 

All songs are produced and copyright protected by me, Neil Lemon, the author and composer.  None of these songs may be covered, recorded by record labels, re-copied, used on music videos, or used by motion picture companies without the express written consent of me, Neil N Lemon.

Videnda Latin Song Challenge


I have to ultimately get a latin artist to professionally record this song. "Videnda is still being develope to tell a heart touching story of Videnda.